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About ScopeCycle®

ScopeCycle® from Summit Imaging is a complete end-to-end scope tracking solution, making the burdensome task of manual scope documentation a thing of the past. From the storage cabinet to reprocessing, each scope is individually tracked to ensure compliance with all manufacturers’ recommended usage and cleaning protocols.

Where has your scope been?

ScopeCycle® provides comprehensive paperless documentation of endoscope reprocessing and tracking.

  • Allows compliance with SGNA, CDC and Multi-Society guidelines and generates accurate reports.
  • Creates reprocessing workflows customized to your individual facility’s needs.

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Ready to Get Started?
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Our exclusive ScopeAdvisor® feature will recommend the next scope to be pulled from the cabinet by tracking hang times and proper scope rotation. ScopeCycle® can integrate with select image management systems, offering a seamless patient tracking experience of scope usage in the procedure room. Step-by-step scope reprocessing workflows guide staff through the cleaning process. ScopeCycle® offers detailed reports of scope usage statistics, reprocessing records, and cleaning protocol compliance, as well as customized reports, to meet your needs. It’s also a cloud-hosted product, allowing for quick, low-cost installation.


ScopeCycle® provides an advanced, dynamic reporting engine that allows for a multitude of possible report configurations, including:

  • Staff competency status
  • Staffing efficiencies
  • Repair history
  • Reprocessing history
  • Loaner history
  • Endoscope utilization
  • Inventory management

Quality Assurance

ScopeCycle® promotes adherence to standards, instructions for use, guidelines, policies and facility competencies.

  • Improved patient safety with increased staff accountability.
  • Electronically track endoscope disinfection cycles and storage time between reprocessing.